Authors’ Voice

Harlan Coben, Ken Follett, Graham Masterton and many others. Bestselling authors of contemporary literature encourage Poles to stay home during the pandemic and… read. Writers from across the world joined the campaign ‘Authors’ Voice’ organised by Albatros Publishing House and Literia, an online bookshop.

‘Authors’ Voice’ is part of a more extensive, Onet’s campaign #zostajewdomu (‘I am staying home’). To promote it, acclaimed writers have been asked to record short films with a message for Polish readers. The feedback is most impressive.

Video clips with a special message for the Poles have arrived from celebrity writers from far ends of the world. Ken Follett, Lucinda Riley, Diane Setterfield, Harlan Coben, Alex Marwood, Antti Tuomainen, B.A. Paris and Graham Masterton in a unanimous effort encourage us to contain the spread of the pandemic.

Not only do they urge the readers to follow doctors’ recommendations but also share with us their own ways of spending time while self-isolating. Some of them explore the secrets of vegan cooking and yoga, some work on a new book, and yet others occupy themselves with gardening. And every one of them reads.

The received recordings are terribly authentic. Despite all the fame, money and what might seem to be life on the other side of the mirror, bestselling authors experience today the same kind of problems as the rest of us. They look after their parents, help the neighbours and stay at home waiting for the end of the contagion. Because it is healthy and safe for other people. I wholeheartedly encourage our readers to do just that, says Aleksandra Saługa, CEO Albatros Publishing House.

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“You’re never trully alone if you have books”

Alex Marwood

“So let’s read books, stay safe and see each other very, very soon”

Antti Tuomainen

“I have started writing new book especially for you”

B.A. Paris

“Human spirit can survive the biggest hardship”

Diane Setterfield

“We’re all imprisoned at the moment so the only thing we can do is to stay at home. Because if we stay at home we will save a great many lives”

Graham Masterton

“I’ll keep you company if you want but please STAY HOME”

Harlan Coben

“The virus is terrible but at least we have books”

Ken Follett

“While you are at home, let yourself be carried away by the imagination and disappear like I do when I am writing”

Lucinda Riley

“Take care of yourself, take care of your safety, protect yourself and read books!”

John Grisham

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