Jerzy and Hanna Kuryłowicz


The Award was funded by Andrzej Kuryłowicz to honour his parents – Jerzy Kuryłowicz, an acknowledged translator of technical and science books, and Hanna Kuryłowicz, who supported her husband in translations as well as her son in the publishing activity.

The Award aims to acknowledge the best translation of a book in field of natural sciences, mathematics or technology, published in period from the 1st of April to March the following year.

The annual Award Ceremony is held in May at Warsaw Book Fair.




Jerzy Kuryłowicz (1925–2002)

He graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice.

For several years he worked as a scientist at Warsaw University of Technology, where he earned his doctorate. As an editor and translator, he worked for the biggest publishing houses in field of education and science in Poland such as WNT, PWN, Wiedza Powszechna, WSiP, Prószyński i spółka and lastly with MAC Edukacja. He translated over 60 books from the English, German, Russian, French and Chech languages.


Hanna Kuryłowicz (1926–2010)

A chemical engineer by profession. Until she retired in 1985, she had worked at the Central Chemical Laboratory of the Geological Enterprise (Centralne Laboratorium Chemiczne Przedsiębiorstwa Geologicznego) in Warsaw, as a vice-president for most of her career.

She supported her husband, Jerzy, in his translator’s work. She was involved in Albatros Publishing House from the very beginning of its existence. She died on 11th October 2010 of an incurable lung decease.